Twitter Ads Case Study: Guru

What I clicked on:

Why I clicked on it:

  • I’ve been both the tapper and the tapped, and it is absolutely hugely distracting
  • What would a solution like this mean?
  • Is this a competitor with Slack? I love Slack.

What I found:

  • landing page: (note: this page has changed, so these bullet points apply to the old version)
  • UTM parameter campaign=twitter-retargeting
  • headline, 2 buttons: see guru in action, get started now
  • statement of the problem – reasons your team needs guru
  • 4 reasons your team “will adopt guru” (powerful priming language right there)
  • context section – how it works with a “watch a demo” button
  • customer logos
  • testimonials
  • get started now (“or see pricing” in tiny font)


  • lots of conversion points
  • clear expression of value prop
  • priming language is powerful
  • validation with customer logos and testimonials
  • overall persuasive flow

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